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Real estate mastermind is a powerful accelerator

Are You Just "Doing Deals" or Are You Building a Scalable, Systematized Real Estate Business?

Most Real Estate Investors are approaching their investing with the “deal by deal” mentality. 

They never make the money they want nor enjoy the freedom that first drew them to investing to begin with.

Our Real Estate Mastermind is designed to create a constructive environment for real estate investment discussions, combined with valuable presentations and excellent networking opportunities.  


This group is for the investors who are ready to up their game and scale their businesses.  When you are part of the Mastermind, you are in a group with like-minded investors who are at your level or even higher so that you can learn from those who have been in your shoes. 

What you will find by being part of the Mastermind. 

  • More Deal Flow
  • Keep Up With Latest Strategies
  • A Sounding Board
  •  Networking

Our Mastermind group will cover a range of topics:

  • Why Real Estate has Unique Opportunities for Creating Wealth
  • Deciding on the Right Strategy for YOUR lifestyle
  • How Financing works for rental properties and multi unit buildings
  • How to Analyze Investment Properties and Run the Numbers
  • How to Structure a Joint Venture Agreement or PartnershiP
  • Step by Step Growth (Up to 5 Properties and Beyond)
  • Tax Planning for Real Estate Investors
  • Screening and Managing Tenants 
  • How to Effectively Market Your Rental Properties
  • Analyzing the Current Housing Market
  • Legal Liabilities (and How to Protect Yourself) with Real Estate Investing
  • Managing Renovations and Related Property Issues
  • ...And More!

The Mastermind group is designed to help you build the business that supports your investing.

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Our Mastermind group will have a maximum of 12 individuals.

  • Weekly Zoom meetings
  • Once a month group meeting with presentations and networking
  • Accountability partner
  • Goal planning and self development